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The Vitamin Shoppe launches Whole Health Rx telehealth service

Whole Health Rx by The Vitamin Shoppe offers educational resources and nutrition support.

The Vitamin Shoppe is launching Whole Health Rx, which the company touts as a telehealth service that offers a holistic approach to health solution. The program aims to encompass prescription medications, nutritional supplements for whole-body health and guidance on lifestyle practices to support lifelong wellness.

Whole Health Rx is initially launching with a focus on weight-management solutions, offering virtual, streamlined access to GLP-1 agonist medications, including Ozempic, Mounjaro, Rybelsus and compounded versions of semaglutide and tirzepatide, via licensed medical providers. These telehealth services are offered alongside The Vitamin Shoppe's industry-leading education resources, as well as nutritionist-recommended supplements to help optimize the weight loss journey for healthy results.

Whole Health Rx enables access to a virtual care platform, powered by WellSync, that safely and seamlessly connects patients with licensed healthcare providers in real time. This innovative service delivers a high standard of personalized care and prescription medications, with lower costs and greater convenience for patients, The Vitamin Shoppe said.

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Lee Wright, CEO of The Vitamin Shoppe, said, "Whole Health Rx by The Vitamin Shoppe is a meaningful evolution in our company's mission to consistently and comprehensively support the health needs of our customers. As a pioneer in the wellness space since 1977, The Vitamin Shoppe is uniquely positioned to offer a truly holistic approach to weight loss that unites proven pharmaceutical interventions with our unmatched expertise in nutrition support and whole-body health. As we continue to enhance The Vitamin Shoppe's position as the leading destination for lifelong wellness, Whole Health Rx will expand to meet other health needs beyond weight management." 

Customers of Whole Health Rx will receive a virtual patient experience from licensed medical providers, beginning with an online questionnaire regarding medical history and goals, as well as a live video interview if deemed necessary for further assessment. If approved for a prescription, orders will be easily and quickly fulfilled through Whole Health Rx's pharmacy partners and delivered in the mail. Monthly medication subscriptions start at $219 per month with introductory pricing ($269 at regular price), with no insurance required, the company said.

Education and nutrition support is central to the Whole Health Rx experience, with access to online resources to empower patients and inform the decision-making process, while also illuminating the clinical, nutritional and lifestyle options that can support healthy weight loss and blood sugar management.

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Similarly, supplement products that can play an important role in supporting weight loss are available in-store and online at The Vitamin Shoppe and Super Supplements, within dedicated Whole Heath Rx displays. Nutritionist-recommended products for GLP-1 users include: protein supplements that can help offset a reduction in muscle mass when losing weight; a high-quality multivitamin that can provide crucial vitamins and minerals when significantly limiting food intake; a probiotic to support the microbiome and healthy digestion; and fiber supplements to meet daily requirements for this key macronutrient as appetite decreases.

Brian Tanzer, director of scientific and regulatory affairs at The Vitamin Shoppe, noted: "Data shows that a significant percentage of the population is not meeting the daily requirements for key nutrients, such as vitamins C, D and magnesium. This problem will be further exacerbated by the use of GLP-1 medications which decrease overall food intake. Whole Health Rx is a multidimensional service that can help ensure individuals have the proper nutrition information and products to manage weight loss in a healthy and effective manner."

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