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Natrol prioritizes revitalizing sleep with latest melatonin blends

The Sleep+ Capsules collection consists of three melatonin supplements formulated to support sleep and provide muscle recovery and maintain immune health.
Natrol Sleep+ Capsules

Natrol’s line of drug-free sleep aids is growing.

The Chatsworth, Calif.-based company launched its new Sleep+ Capsules line, which consists of three melatonin supplements formulated with clean ingredients to support sleep and provide muscle recovery, immune health and other calming benefits.

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Created to aid in consumers’ whole-body wellness, the line also released a new wellness benefit to the brand’s Sleep+ portfolio with the launch of Sleep+ Recovery, the company said.

“We continue to see huge growth momentum in the sleep category as consumers continue to prioritize their health and wellness, and Natrols innovation portfolio of simple sleep solutions that address multiple wellness benefits allows us to push the boundaries to better meet the needs of our consumers,” said Hanan Wajih, chief marketing officer of Vytalogy Wellness. 

The non-habit forming, non-GMO and vegetarian line includes:

  • Sleep+ Recovery Capsules: Created to support a restful night’s sleep and aid in healthy inflammatory response and recovery from daily activity, including mild to moderate exercise. It contains a blend of melatonin, turmeric, green tea and blueberry;
  • Sleep+ Immune Health Capsules: Developed to support a healthy immune system and provide a restful night’s sleep, it is formulated with a combination of melatonin, elderberry, zinc and vitamins C and D; and
  • Sleep+ Calm Capsules: Formulated to help users relax their minds and reduce occasional stress, it features a blend of melatonin, ashwagandha, l-theanine and lemon balm.

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“Following the success of Natrol Sleep+, the decision to expand the premium sleep line into capsules was developed out of the growing consumer preference and market for sleep aid solutions in the capsule format,” Wajih said. “The powerful formulations of these products are crafted with the optimal level of melatonin that our consumers can trust and complemented with sleep-supporting ingredients that offer additional essential health benefits for the whole body.”

Consumers can purchase the Natrol Sleep+ Capsules collection online, as well as at Walgreens and Target.

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