Nestlé Health Science’s Solgar rolls out dietary supplements

Made to help fight cellular decline and promote cell health, the Cellular Nutrition line features three products.
Gisselle Gaitan
Online Editor
solgar teaser

Solgar, a vitamin and nutritional supplement brand from Nestlé Health Science, has debuted its new Cellular Nutrition line.

Made to help fight cellular decline and promote cell health, the collection features three products that contain such ingredients as nicotinamide riboside, urolithin a, glycine and n-acetyl cysteine. 

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"Scientific breakthroughs have led to the discovery of a time-dependent decline of several cellular mechanisms, which typically begins in our 40s and accelerates in our 60s," said Rania Abou Samra, global head of technology and development at Nestlé Health Science. "These scientific advances along with new cellular nutrition research led us to develop our new line of Solgar Cellular Nutrition products. These products – Energy, Strength & Renewal, and Protect – feature nutrients that work with the body's natural processes deep inside cells to help fight sources of cellular decline and promote overall cell health. Now is the time to give your body the nutrients it needs to optimize cellular health for the years to come."

The collection includes: 

  • Cellular Energy: It is formulated to support cell energy, repair and vitality with a blend of niagen nicotinamide riboside; 
  • Cellular Strength and Renewal: Created to aid in support muscle strength and mitochondrial health, it contains mitopure urolithin a; and
  • Cellular Protect: Made to help protect cells from oxidative stress, it features a blend of glycine and n-acetyl cysteine. 

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"Our Solgar Cellular Nutrition launch is an example of how passion, science, and innovation collide to create truly remarkable products," said Aileen Stocks, president of VMHS at Nestlé Health Science. "Solgar has always been in pursuit of bold innovations, and I'm proud to see the brand introduce a holistic line of products that go cell deep to nourish the body for longevity."

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