Aromatherapy is piping hot

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Aromatherapy is piping hot

By Michael Johnsen - 01/06/2017

The proof a category is hot can be measured not only by the number of players looking to participate in that category, but also by the heft of new entrants. Such is the case with aromatherapy, and this year, a major player in the VMS space is “getting their sniff on.”

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“We are launching a brand new line of aromatherapy essential oils called Nature’s Origin,” Jodi Katz, Nature’s Bounty director of corporate communications, told Drug Store News. “These are 100% pure and natural essential oils that are free from parabens [and] gluten.”

Piping Rock Health Products has been a trailblazer for this relatively new-to-mass-outlets category. “We have identified a demand in the marketplace for these items though our customer data, and have taken a big stance to get out in front of this trend,” Nature’s Truth SVP sales and marketing Kimberly Vigliante said. “Our goal is to be the premier provider of aromatherapy in wellness products that consumers can depend on to offer the latest innovations to meet their growing needs.”

“Aromatherapy is one of the fastest-growing trends in wellness today,” confirmed Scott Rudolph, CEO of Piping Rock Health Products. “There are extremely strong upward trends in the essential oil marketplace. We are seeing more than triple-digit [growth],” he said. “Aromatherapy has now become mainstream, and consumer awareness is growing.