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Oral-B iO shakes up oral care category


Oral-B is shaking up the oral care category via a new rechargeable brush.

Created to help give users that professional clean feeling from the comfort of their own home, the brand’s new iO brush has received the ADA seal of approval and looks to ensure that consumers are given the oral health support they need, the Cincinnati-based company said.

“Oral-B iO represents a monumental leap in innovative oral care technology,” said Steve Bishop, P&G health care CEO. “Oral-B iO not only propels the category forward and provides consumers with superior oral health, but it also aims to transform the act of brushing from something you have to do into something you want to do.”

Featuring a linear magnetic drive and redesigned brush head, Oral-B iO combines oscillating and rotating movements with micro-vibrations that aim to provide a deep clean that reaches every contour, the company said.

In addition, Oral-B iO features seven brush modes for a personalized experience and real-time individual tracking and coaching via an intuitive user interface that guides users through a two minute brushing session with 3-D tracking.

Consumers can find Oral-B iO at retailers nationwide in black anthracite, violet ametrine, rose quartz and white alabaster, starting at $199.

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