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Overtone drops Mixology collection

Overtone’s Mixology collection features four kits — Berry Smash, Brunch Punch, Sunset Spritz and Negroni — inspired by cocktails and mocktails.

Overtone is putting a colorful spin on its new line of semi-permanent and custom hair color kits.

The Denver, Colo.-based company is rolling out its new Mixology collection, which features four new shades inspired by cocktails and mocktails, and the creative minds who created them.

Included in each curated set are three of Overtone’s Coloring Conditioners in soft pink, warm orangey-yellow, orange-red and bright raspberry shades.

Suitable for all hair types, and curl-friendly, the brand’s products are vegan, cruelty-free, and free of ammonia, parabens and sulfates, the company said.

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Sets included in the Mixology collection include the Berry Smash Conditioner Kit. Featuring three Coloring Conditioners — rose gold for brown hair, pink for brown hair and purple for brown hair — when mixed together they help users obtain a raspberry shade.

The inspiration behind this shade is Lauren Paylor, the research and development production chef at Silver Lyan, and Focus on Health founder.

“Being able to provide a non-alcoholic option that is not an afterthought, that is very well crafted and it takes the same time and care as every other drink on the menu is essential and important,” Paylor said. “I do feel like my hair is part of my image as a bartender. For a very long time, I permed my hair so that it was straight. It wasn’t til after college that I stopped, I didn’t like the way it smelled. My hair was brittle and it was breaking. I figured out how to start styling it and realized that I had these beautiful curls. I am very comfortable with who I am, I think as a person but that certainly was the very beginning of me figuring out what my true identity was.”

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The Brunch Punch Conditioner Kit, contains three Coloring Conditioners — vibrant magenta, rose gold, and pastel silver.

When combined they create a soft pink tone on platinum blonde to medium brown starting shades.

Alex Jump, the head bartender at Death & Co., and Focus on Health founder helped inspire this shade.

“I would consider bartending a passion, through bartending I have the creativity of getting to make things and work with my hands. It keeps me happy and fulfilled,” Jump said. “There’s certainly been times where I felt I was maybe judged or treated differently because of having my own personal style, certainly with tattoos. I remember thinking back then it was total bullshit that I would work in a career that’s an art and not be able to express myself.”

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The Sunset Spritz Conditioner Kit, also containing three Coloring Conditioners in ginger, vibrant orange and neon yellow, helps users obtain a warm orangey-yellow hue when mixed together.

Michelle Lynne Glancey, a bartender at Middleman, Goldpoint, Roxy on Broad and Pony Up Denver, helped inspire this shade.

“I would say [coloring my hair] it has nothing to do with bartending, but since my profession bleeds into my passion, bleeds into my lifestyle and who I am, then yes, my hair is definitely a part of my self-expression as a bartender, as a person,” Glancey said.

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Lastly, the Negroni Conditioner Kit contains three Color Conditioners in rose gold for brown hair, pink for brown hair and ginger shades to achieve and maintain a fiery orange-red tone.

Dave Anderson, a bartender at Death & Co., and brand ambassador for Singani 63 helped bring this kit’s color inspiration to life.

“I feel like I can learn so much about somebody the moment they sit down, the drink they order and how they express themselves when they sit at my bar,” Anderson said. “I do consider hair color as a form of self-expression. It is just like clothing, jewelry and makeup, it is a great way to show people who you want to be.”

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