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Palmless’ nourishing oil features sustainable alternative to palm oil

Save the F#$%ing Rainforest Nourishing Oil is a multipurpose product designed to tackle palm-driven deforestation's destructive environmental and social impacts, the company said.
palmless nourishing oil

Palmless is offering a sustainable, traceable and stable alternative to palm oil and palm-derived ingredients.

Save the F#$%ing Rainforest Nourishing Oil looks to tackle the destructive environmental and social impacts of palm-driven deforestation and also help solve the larger sustainability issues created by industrial and agricultural palm oil, the company said.

Palmless Torula Oil powers the multipurpose product for the face, body and hair and also contains sustainability sourced ingredients that offer rich moisturization that renews, replenishes and restores skin and hair.

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“Torula oil is a world-class ingredient, and we wanted to introduce it with a world-class, high-performing formula,” said Shara Ticku, co-founder and CEO of C16 Biosciences, the creators of Palmless. “Not only is nourishing oil fun to use and deeply hydrating, it also showcases that we can launch beautiful products that meet the highest sustainability standards by leveraging biodesign and biotechnology.”

Palmless Torula Oil contains carotenoids, including beta carotene and torilene, that work to help maintain glowing skin and promote skin barrier function, the company said.

“Our brand stands for change, and this product is our protest to the industry,” Ticku said. “The beauty industry has struggled with the palm oil problem for nearly a decade, but has failed to show meaningful action. Palmless is here, holding our protest poster high: palm oil doesn’t need to be a problem anymore. Our product launch is a call to action for the industry: Let’s work together to save those precious rainforests before it’s too late.”

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Save the F#$%ing Rainforest Nourishing Oil is available online for $45 for a limited time. In addition, for each bottle purchased, Palmless will plant one tree through the One Tree Planted reforestation project in Indonesia.

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