PopSockets Nails coordinate with PopGrip shades

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PopSockets Nails coordinate with PopGrip shades

By Gisselle Gaitan - 09/09/2020

Now matching the design of your PopGrip is easier than ever.

PopSockets is expanding beyond phone grips and lifestyle accessories and making a formal introduction into the world of beauty via PopSockets Nails.

Consisting of a press-on, ready-to-wear instant manicure adhesive kit that coordinates with its PopGrip, the collection comes in a variety of expressive graphics and materials that make nail and phone accessorizing easier than ever, the company said.

Known as Mani Phoni, the collection will be available in 15 shades and designs that include starry skies, rose gold metallics, shimmer shift, unicorn marble, vintage rose and opal among others.

“Our beauty products have been exciting additions to the assortment for our customers, which inspired us to pioneer the first-ever Mani Phoni as an extension to our already robust product selection,” Emily Siegel, the vice president of design at PopSockets said. “We can't wait to see how our consumers style their PopSockets Nails, grips and even matching masks with this creative nails kit.”

In addition, certain kits are set to include a matching and swappable PopGrip that allows users to text with one hand and take better selfies. There also will be seasonal styles and holiday capsule collections launching, the first being Halloween, the company said.

Designed to last up to five days of wear, the application process includes finding the right size nails, peeling the inner liner and pressing onto the nail.

PopSockets Nails are available exclusively at PopSockets.com retailing from $15 to $20.