DSN May 2022 Issue: Products to Watch

Products to Watch: HRG’s 5 notable products from April 2022

Discover which items stood out from the 220 product launches HRG’s new product team reviewed last month.

Product introductions slowed down in April as consumers grew jittery and inflation surged for everything across the board. Suppliers unveiled 105 products. By comparison, in March they introduced 220 new items. Waukesha, Wis.-based HRG looked at 10 products in the health category, 83 in the wellness section and 12 in the beauty aisle to see which ones stood out as Products to Watch. Here is what they found:

1. Metamucil Fiber + Collagen Powder
Metamucil Fiber + Collagen Powder by Procter & Gamble combines multi-health psyllium fiber with collagen peptides for a 2-in-1 digestive health supplement. The addition of collagen provides nutrients for joint structures and tissues. It comes in a 19.9-oz. bottle.

2. TruBiotics Sugar-free Gummies 
Pantheryx’s TruBiotics Sugar-free Gummies contain vitamin D3, FOS prebiotic fiber and Bacillus probiotic for digestive and immune health. These gluten- and gelatin-free gummies are formulated to support regularity, nourish beneficial bacteria in the gut and be a good source of fiber. It’s available in a 50-count bottle.

3. Compound W Freeze Off for Kids
Developed to be safe for kids ages 4 and up, Compound W Freeze Off for Kids from Medtech contains the Accu-Freeze wart removal system. It includes a precision tip applicator and skin shields to aid in treating the wart while protecting the surrounding skin. Each bottle contains 15 applications.

4. iVIZIA Sterile Lubricant Eye Drops 
Similasan’s iVIZIA Lubricant Eye Drops for Dry Eyes is part of a new line of eye products. These drops are designed to relieve dry eye irritation and protect from further discomfort. The ingredients include hyaluronic acid and trehalose to be safe with contacts and pre/post-surgery use. Available in a 10-ml bottle, the drops are preservative free and the ergonomic bottle was designed to make it easier for use by those with compromised dexterity, such as arthritis. 

5. AmLactin KP Bumps Be Gone Cream
Advantice Health’s AmLactin KP Bumps Be Gone Cream is designed to soothe keratosis pilaris, or dry, rough, bumpy skin, by gently exfoliating, hydrating and smoothing skin. This cream is made with 15% lactic acid and is fragrance free. It comes in a 3-oz. bottle.

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