Products to Watch January 2022

Products to Watch: HRG’s 5 picks from January 2022

See which products stood out from the 273 product launches in January.

Suppliers started the year strong, with a high volume of new product introductions. In January, companies introduced 273 new products in the health, wellness and beauty categories. Hamacher Resource Group’s new product team evaluated 26 products in the health category, 104 products in the wellness sector and 143 in the beauty aisle to highlight the top five that could be winners for retailers in 2022. Here are the products they found:

1. Children’s Xyzal Allergy 24HR Liquid
Sanofi’s Children’s Xyzal 24HR Allergy, formulated to deliver kids relief from sneezing, runny nose, itchy throat and watery eyes, is now available in new flavors including grape. It’s designed for use at night for kids ages 2 years old and older and to last through the next day. It’s available in 5-oz. bottles.

2. Neutrogena Sun Rescue Rehydrating Spray
Johnson & Johnson’s Neutrogena has released a line of after-sun care products to restore natural moisture balance on sun-stressed skin. To be used in conjunction with its sun protection products, the Sun Rescue spray is designed to be easy to apply with a nongreasy formula that includes aloe vera and hyaluronic acid to provide moisturizing freshness and cooling and to prevent peeling. It comes in a 6.7-oz. spray bottle.

3. Systane Complete PF Lubricant Eye Drops 
Systane Complete Preservative-Free Eye Drops by Alcon was developed to provide relief from all major types of dry eye and is now available in an environmentally friendly, multiuse bottle. The drops are formulated to provide eight hours of hydration for sensitive eyes and come in a 10-ml bottle.

4. Scope re-FRESH-ables Chew Capsules 
Procter & Gamble’s Scope re-FRESH-ables are designed to offer bad breath relief conveniently and discretely on-the-go. The chewable mouthwash capsules release a small burst of minty liquid quickly, anytime, anywhere. Available in a spearmint flavor, it comes in a 30-count pack.

5. Softsoap Foaming Tablet Starter Kit
The Softsoap Foaming Tablet Starter Kit and refill packs from Colgate-Palmolive were developed to be less messy to replace as well as sustainable and good for the planet. Each foam tablet is added to the aluminum bottle after it is filled with water and is ready for use. The tablet form, which comes in lemon, eliminates spills and waste from attempts to refill dispensers with hard-to-pour liquid soap.

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