Products to Watch: HRG's 5 picks from July 2020

David Salazar
Managing Editor
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As the U.S. navigated its fourth month of the ongoing pandemic, CPG manufacturers brought to retail new ways to meet shoppers’ health-and-wellness and beauty needs. In July, Hamacher Resource Group’s new product team evaluated 265 new products, consisting of 93 OTC products, 56 wellness products and 116 beauty products. The team managed to identify five offerings that hold promise for retailers. 

1. Mucinex Children’s Free From Cold & Flu Nighttime  
If the average consumer increasingly is conscientious about what products are going in their bodies, then moms have to be doubly choosy — for themselves and their kids. RB’s Mucinex brand is looking to court this demographic with its latest product, which uses elderberry and is free of “unnecessary ingredients.” The product also is free of alcohol, caffeine, sugar and artificial colors and dyes.  

2. Vicks VapoBath Bath Crystals
Procter & Gamble is adding an innovative delivery method to a recognized name. The company is taking its Vicks brand’s well-known eucalyptus, camphor and menthol vapors and creating a bath relief product with Vicks VapoBath Bath Crystals. The product offers a new way for consumers to conveniently incorporate cold and flu relief into their daily routines.  

3. K-Y Natural Feeling Moisturizing Lubricant with Hyaluronic Acid
Another RB brand, K-Y, is bringing hyaluronic acid — one of the hottest ingredients in skin care — to the sexual wellness space. The newest K-Y Natural Feeling product is a water-based lubricant meant to help women feel more lubricated, hydrated and healthy, while also being pH balanced, paraben-free and hormone-free.  

4. Robitussin Children’s Naturals Cough Relief + Immune Health Gummy
Bringing the two trends of immunity and gummy formulations together, GSK Consumer Healthcare is rolling out a new product meant to soothe coughs in children aged 3 years old and older. The supplement is free of artificial colors, flavors and preservatives, as well as drug- and alcohol-free. The non-GMO gummy is made with elderberry and a touch of honey.   

5. Green Goo Face Wash
Facial care, in particular natural facial care, continues to be a booming segment, and Sierra Sage Herbs’ Green Goo Face Wash is looking to meet consumer demands in that area. The product is all-natural and formulated to replenish and nurture the skin. It dissolves dirt and makeup while being soap-free and thus absent of the various drying chemicals found in soap.