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Products to Watch: HRG's 5 picks from June 2021

HRG’s new product team pored over the 189 new products that were launched in June — comprising 32 health items, 79 wellness products and 78 beauty debuts — to find these five standouts.
David Salazar
Managing Editor
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The beginning of summer brought with it plenty of new products from suppliers. As always, HRG’s new product team was ready to pore over the 189 new products that were launched in June, comprising 32 health items, 79 wellness products and 78 beauty debuts.

These five products stood out on the shelf based on innovation and potential.

1. Mommy’s Bliss Organic Gripe Water Gel
Designed to offer a milder taste for the newborn palate, Mom Enterprises’ gripe water gel is meant to help alleviate stomach discomfort, gas and colic in babies as young as two weeks old. It is made with the same key ingredients as the brand’s standard gripe water and formulated with organic ginger and fennel. The gel also is free of added sugar, alcohol, artificial flavors, artificial colors and the top eight allergens, according to the company.

2. Bausch + Lomb Biotrue Hydration Boost Drops
Between digital screens and dry summer weather in certain climates, irritated, dry eyes are a constant nuisance. The latest from Bausch + Lomb is designed to offer a pH-balanced, preservative-free lubricant eye drop that can moisturize dry eyes. The Bausch + Lomb Biotrue Hydration Boost Drops also contain antioxidants to help protect from free radicals and electrolytes found in the eye.

3. Eucerin Q10 Anti-Wrinkle + Pro Retinol Night Cream
Beiersdorf’s Eucerin brand is adding to its line of skin care products with a new night cream designed to tackle signs of aging. Made with vitamin E and macadamia nut oil to soften fine lines and moisturize skin, Eucerin Q10 Anti-Wrinkle + Pro Retinol Night Cream combines coenzyme Q10 and a retinol to help reduce the look of fine lines while the user sleeps. The product, designed to be safe for sensitive skin, is free of fragrance, alcohol and parabens.

4. Aleve Headache Pain
Bayer’s well-known pain-relief brand Aleve expanded into a new targeted product specifically designed to relieve headache pain. Aleve Headache Pain contains naproxen sodium targeted to offer long-lasting relief from headaches.

5. Zyrtec Soothing Face Wipes
Joining Johnson & Johnson’s lineup of Zyrtec products are face wipes designed as an additional tool to help consumers battle seasonal allergies. The non-medicated Zyrtec Soothing Face Wipes contain a triple-micellar technology designed to clear pollen, dust and dirt particles from the face while also refreshing skin. Sold in a 25-count pack to be used on the go, the wipes can be used anywhere without the need to rinse afterward, the company said.