Pronamel aims to replenish acid-weakened tooth enamel

Gisselle Gaitan
Online Editor
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Pronamel is shaking up the oral care category.

New to the Warren, N.J.-based company’s portfolio is the Mineral Boost toothpaste.

Formulated to aid in replenishing acid-weakened tooth enamel, the toothpaste also looks to keep the enamel strong and white while protecting against the effects of acids vis its fluoride and minerals, the company said.

To help spread the word about this new launch, Pronamel’s parent company, GSK Consumer Healthcare is partnering with health and wellness entrepreneur Hannah Bronfman on a new campaign.

Known best for her website, Bronfman will feature the Mineral Boost toothpaste in the #BoostUpYourRoutine social media series that will see her exploring a variety of wellness and oral health topics, the company said.

“Ever since my bike accident in 2015 where I broke my four front teeth, I’ve been hyper aware of how my oral health affects my overall wellness,” said Bronfman. “Replenishing minerals in our body is super important and our oral health deserves the same love, which is why I choose Pronamel Mineral Boost toothpaste.”

Currently, Pronamel Mineral Boost toothpaste is available for purchase online and at major retail stores across the nation.