Raw Sugar Living enters deodorant space

Gisselle Gaitan
Online Editor
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Raw Sugar Living is adding a brand new category to its personal care offerings.

The latest from the Sarasota, Fla.-based brand is a line of deodorants wrapped in 100% biodegradable, recyclable plastic-free packaging, the company said.

Clinically and allergy tested, the Raw Sugar Deodorant line is made with naturally derived ingredients and is cruelty-free and vegan.

“Consumers are the heart of our business and are the drivers of our product development,” co-founder and CEO Ronnie Shugar said. “Guests are seeking healthier alternatives that contain natural ingredients are affordable, planet friendly and provide expected results. To support this, we formulated these deodorants specifically to be gentle on the skin and tough on body odor.”

Featuring odor-fighting essential oils, the products also are free of aluminum, baking soda, talc, parabens and propylene glycol, the company said.

“As a brand, we’ve always been about loving the skin you’re in, believing that beauty comes from the inside out,” co-founder and CMO Donda Mullis said. “So, we designed our deodorants with skin-lovin’ ingredients on the inside, and planet-lovin’ packaging on the outside. Sweat is good for the body, but clogging pores or cluttering the planet is not.”

In addition, the deodorant’s formula is crafted without the use of harsh chemicals and was designed to detox and balance skin’s natural barrier, while also aiming to reduce body odor-causing bacteria growth, the company said.

The Raw Sugar Deodorant line is currently available in vanilla bean + charcoal, raw coconut + lime, lavender + lemon sugar, green tea + hemp seed, fragrance free, cucumber + chamomile, and beach rose + aloe scents.

Consumers can find the line exclusively at Target stores and online.