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Secret Deodorant unveils Weightless Dry Spray collection

Secret Weightless Dry Spray collection is available in antiperspirant and aluminum-free deodorant options.
Secret Weightless Dry Spray

Secret Deodorant is launching a new dry spray line that provides users with 48-hour sweat and odor protection.

Available in antiperspirant and aluminum free deodorant options, the fast-acting and dry-feel antiperspirant provides users with 48-hour sweat and odor protection, while the aluminum free deodorant provides 24-hour odor protection, the Cincinnati-based company said.

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“Secret is synonymous with protection, and that means keeping women fresh all day,” Maiysha Jones, senior scientist at Procter & Gamble said. “Women shouldn’t have to sweat all-day freshness. The freshness-on-demand technology in the new sprays delivers moisture and motion activated fragrance bursts to reassure women that their deodorant is still working long after they put it on. All-day freshness is non-negotiable, and we want women to feel confident when they need it most.”

Made with freshness-on-demand technology, the brand worked with its scientists to launch a revamped collection of sprays with all-new formulas that meet consumers’ evolving personal care needs and elevate the deodorant experience, the company said.

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Designed to go on weightlessly with no waxes, alcohol or residue, the products come in an ergonomic-grip bottle that has a narrow spray pattern that can dispense less cloud and more product where needed most.

Secret Weightless Dry Spray is available in four fresh scents and two aluminum-free formulas that include wild rose + argan oil; vanilla + argan oil; waterlily + argan oil; white peach + argan oil; aluminum free lavender + hemp seed oil; and aluminum free coconut + hemp seed oil.

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Additional information on Secret’s Weightless Dry Spray collection, including where to purchase, can be found at

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