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SexyHair strengthens hair from roots to ends with pure CBD


Hair care brand SexyHair, which is part of the Henkel family, is unveiling a new secret ingredient that is sure to leave tresses smooth and strengthened.

Calm, created with 99% pure CBD derived from hemp flower, is a five-piece collection that has been formulated to strengthen hair from root to ends, the Los Angeles-based company said.

“At SexyHair we are dedicated to bold new innovations and identifying the most impressive ingredients and products for our stylists and consumers,” SexyHair brand manager, Ashley LeRoy said. “We worked with R&D for 18-months, tweaking formulas multiple times to create the most effective products for our users who are passionate about holistic wellness and beauty, at an affordable price point.”

Other ingredients found in the line include avocado and macadamia cold-pressed oils, which contain vitamins, minerals and fatty acids for added hair nourishment, the company said.

Products part of the line include:

  • The Calm SexyHair Cannabae Soothing Shampoo, which aims to revitalize dull and damaged hair, leave tresses softer and healthier, as well as hydrate the scalp;
  • The Calm SexyHair High 5 Soothing Conditioner, which also looks to hydrate the scalp, revitalize hair that is dull and damaged, and leave locks softer and healthier;
  • The Calm SexyHair Leaf-In Leave-In Soothing Conditioner, which nourishes hair, reduces breakage and also soothes hair from roots to ends;
  • The Calm SexyHair Wetfix & Chill All-Style Dry Crème, which is a blow-dry/air dry crème that reduces frizz, provides humidity resistance and protects against 450 degree Fahrenheit heat protection; and
  • The Calm SexyHair Dose Soothing Oil Elixir, which is a silicone-free oil that soothes and hydrates from the mid-lengths to ends while also reducing breakage.

Formulated with clean ingredients, SexyHair’s product are vegan and now available for purchase at

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