SkinnyDipped enters baking aisle with Baking Bits

SkinnyDipped’s Baking Bits, available in semi-sweet chocolate and dark chocolate and sea salt, are made without the use of stevia or sugar alcohols, the company said.
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SkinnyDipped is expanding its offerings of low sugar sweets.

New from the Seattle-based company is a line of low sugar snacks that are ideal for baking, snacking and melting.

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Baking Bits, available in two varieties, are made without the use of stevia or sugar alcohols, the company said.

“Not only are SkinnyDipped Bits ideally suited for baking because of their amazing taste, lower sugar and just-right meltability, but they’re super snackable for all the same reasons,” SkinnyDipped CEO, Breezy Griffith said. “Different from a traditional chip, we’ve given bakers and snackers alike a unique product form in a conventional lay-flat pillow pack as well as a resealable stand-up pouch, making it easy to grab a handful and save the rest.”

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Made with a blend of cane sugar and allulose, available flavors include the Semi-Sweet Baking Bits and Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt Baking Bits.

Featuring non-GMO ingredients that are gluten-free and kosher, SkinnyDipped’s Baking Bits are now available at select Walmart stores in a 7-oz. pouch that retails for $4.98 and at select retailers in a 9-oz. pack that retails for $6.99.