Splat’s Double Lift delivers vibrant color sans bleach

Gisselle Gaitan
Online Editor
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Splat is adding a new permanent hair color line to its roster.

Double Lift is the latest launch from the brand that provides users with vibrant hair color with a bleach-free formula.

Featuring a formula that contains aloe vera and soy protein, it also uses an oxidative dye that lifts hair four levels, deposits bold color, and rinses out easily with less color bleed, the Corona, Calif.-based company said.

Specifically designed for dark hair, the line is available in four shades, including:

  • Envy Me, a dark green with warm undertones;
  • Iconic Ted, a warm red with hints to brightness;
  • Violet Vibes, a rich purple with warm tones; and
  • Plum Siren, a cool red with a hint of purple.

“Double Lift is especially exciting as it's the launch of a new color category for Splat. Splat is the number one bold hair color brand in mass retail, we have always been temporary and semi-permanent hair color — until now,” Jenniffer Paulson, Developlus vice president of marketing said. “We are bringing to market a truly unique bleach-free formula, that allows consumers with naturally dark hair to transform their color and achieve a bold vibrant look typically not possible without bleach.”

Ideal for hair that has not previously been color-treated, Splat’s Double Lift can be found at Walmart, Target, CVS Pharmacy and Meijer shelves for the suggested retail price of $12.49.