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Align’s newest dual action probiotic caters to women’s health needs

The Women’s Dual Action Probiotic looks to support the digestive and vaginal health of women.
Align Women’s Dual Action Probiotic

Align Probiotic is looking after the health needs of women with its latest dual-action probiotic.

New from the Cincinnati-based company is the Women’s Dual Action Probiotic, which was designed to support the digestive and vaginal health of women.

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When taken daily, the supplement can help soothe occasional digestive upsets that include bloating, gas and abdominal discomfort thanks to a unique strain of Bifidobacterium 35624. The product also contains feminine health probiotics La-14 and HN001 to support vaginal health and promote bacterial and yeast balance, the company said.

To celebrate the launch of the new product, the brand announced that it has tapped new moms and U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team’s Ashlyn Harris and Ali Kreiger to support the product.

“A healthy gut is needed to keep your whole body in balance. Women not only have a gut microbiome but a vaginal microbiome as well, both of which impact overall balance,” said Chelsay Brewster, senior engineer at Procter & Gamble. “I talked to many women and became determined to find the right botanical ingredient and probiotics to keep our bodies in balance. We handpicked these ingredients that are backed by scientific data showing that they help. We’re excited to team up with partners like Ashlyn and Ali who have the goal of educating women on how gut and vaginal health are intertwined.”

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Align’s Women’s Dual Action Probiotic is available for purchase at Target and other retailers.

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