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Alkaline88 debuts sports beverage

Alkaline88 Sport is available in jolly watermelon, fruit punch, very berry and limon citrus flavors.
Alkaline88 Sport

Alkaline Water, an independent alkaline water and clean beverage company has begun to roll out its Alkakine88 sports drink.

Now available in brick-and-mortar grocery stores, the beverage is made with all-natural ingredients, does not contain sugar, calories or preservatives, and contains vitamins, ginseng and guarana, the company said.

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“Alkaline88 Sport’s elite hydration is now available to shoppers at Harris Teeter,” said Frank Lazaran, president and CEO of The Alkaline Water Company. “We’ve received very positive feedback throughout Alkaline88 Sport’s R&D phase and its initial e-commerce launch. Now, this innovative product is available in brick-and-mortar stores for the first time. This initial placement in a leading grocery chain like Harris Teeter, a Kroger subsidiary, gives us a great opportunity to introduce Alkaline88 Sport to grocery shoppers. We believe Alkaline88 Sport can be a disruptor in the sports drink category and we’ll continue to optimize its distribution and sales strategies to support the strengthening and growth of the overall Alkaline88 brand.”

Available in jolly watermelon, fruit punch, very berry and limon citrus flavors, Alkaline88’s ingredients are stored in the pressurized FreshCap, which is powered by Vessl, until the consumer twists it open for an instant infusion into its base, the company said.

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Alkaline88 Sport can be found in more than 250 Harris Teeter stores across seven South Atlantic states and Washington D.C.

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