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Nigel F. Maynarad is editor in chief and editorial director of Drug Store News. 



HRG’s five notable products from April 2023

For the month of April, suppliers introduced 178 new products. HRG reviewed the products to see which ones stood out as Products to Watch.

New Inside Beauty highlight reel celebrates the brand’s momentum

The clip reflects the editors’ belief that mass beauty is just as important as luxury.

Nomination opens for DSN’s Top Women in Health, Wellness and Beauty 2023

Recipients will be recognized at a November 2023 event with an updated format and more networking opportunities.

People on the move…May 5

Important personnel changes you should know this week about CVS, Spartan Nash and more.

Drug Store News launches Instagram channel

The social media site is another way for the audience to engage with the brand.

Three former Livongo executives launch a new health care provider focused on rural communities

The venture is focused on improving access to affordable primary and specialty care in rural communities.

Real retail ecosystem

Pharmacy is having a moment, and it’s coming at a critical time.

HRG’s five notable products from March 2023

HRG reviewed 22 products in the health category, 169 in the wellness sector and 91 items in the beauty aisle to see which ones stood out as Products to Watch.

Watch DSN: CVS Health works to make clinical research more accessible

DSN interviewed Omar Abdelsamad, executive director of patient recruitment, clinical trial services at CVS Health, about the company’s entry into a new therapeutic space—chronic kidney disease.

REX Awards 2023 - OTC

DSN’s Retail Excellence Awards spotlight companies that help consumers treat minor maladies with over-the-counter solutions.