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Baby Dove’s #OneRealPressure campaign addresses early motherhood pressures

The #OneRealPressure campaign was designed to spark conversations about how the early pressures of motherhood are navigated.

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, Baby Dove is unveiling its #OneRealPressure campaign to help spark conversations about how the early pressures of motherhood are navigated.

Through this initiative, the Baby Dove brand is looking to help change the narrative and encourage mothers to share the real experiences they faced during their own postpartum journeys.

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“The pressures of early motherhood can affect moms in many ways," said Sally Brown, global brand director at Baby Dove. "As a brand born to provide superior care to new families, Baby Dove understands this reality for new moms and wants them to know that they are not alone. Together, we recognize the power of shared experiences, and how by destigmatizing these pressures through conversation, we can build a community that supports new moms on their postpartum journeys.”

To help shed light on some of the real experiences new mothers face, the brand released a short film -- “Under Pressure” -- that features the stories of real challenges new moms face. Overall, the video looks to help destigmatize conversations around the struggles of the postpartum experience and contains a montage of raw scenes that depict some of the earliest and most challenging moments of motherhood, including feeding obstacles, sleep deprivation, body changes and balancing responsibilities outside of the home.

In addition, Baby Dove also is working to raise awareness of postpartum struggles by partnering with Postpartum Support International and a group of real moms to help provide true accounts of anxiety and postpartum depression. The video also offers resources and tools needed to help navigate the pressures of these issues, the company said.

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“Research has found that 72% of women agree they wish they knew more about postpartum anxiety and postpartum depression," said Wendy Davis, executive director of Postpartum Support International. "Most of the time, new moms going through the postpartum period mistakenly think they are failing at parenting. We are excited to work alongside Baby Dove to make our resources more accessible to the general public, so that women and their families can increase their awareness of two of the most difficult pressures for new moms. We want to help them improve their ability to identify symptoms and know where to reach out for help.” 

Since April 25, Baby Dove, powered by Google, will reply with tools and resources to search queries posted by moms regarding postpartum struggles, and on May 4th the brand will work with BabyCenter on a virtual roundtable that will discuss signs, symptoms and provide support for new mothers.

Lastly, will host a suite of resources for new mothers, and the brand is encouraging new moms to share their postpartum experiences on social media by using the #OneRealPressure hashtag.

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