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Head & Shoulders, Pittsburgh Steelers to educate men on hair health via 'Deeper Learning'


CINCINNATI — During the last three football seasons, Procter & Gamble’s Head & Shoulders has helped Troy Polamalu’s legendary hair take on a life of its own, which included securing a million dollar hair insurance policy and immortalizing him in wax. For the 2012 NFL season, Head & Shoulders is turning the spotlight on men and their hair by giving them a deep education on how to get hair as prolific as Polamalu’s.

Fans can now enroll in the Troy Polamalu School of Deeper Learning (TPSDL) — a virtual school featuring a series of humorous online courses to help men achieve deeper thinking through healthy scalps and great-looking hair.

Launching in tandem with the new Head & Shoulders for Men Deep Clean product, TPSDL features a 12-course online video series at For every video viewed, fans get closer to earning their own official Certificate of Deep Achievement. With open enrollment starting today, fans can participate in courses, including:

  • Advanced Music Appreciation: Professors Polamalu and Brett Keisel demonstrate the art of Spanish Air Guitar, delving into the deepness of facial expressions and the emotionality of proper guitar fingering;

  • Spiritual Shampooing 101: Polamalu leads students on a journey into the world of Tai Chi, revealing countless mysteries of shampooing spirituality; and

  • Poetry and Social Revolution 101: Sage academic Rob Riggle interprets his “Rhyme & Riggle” composition book for students.


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