ModiFace launches virtual skin assessment platform


TORONTO — Augmented reality technology provider ModiFace has unveiled its latest effort — a web-based skin assessment platform for skin care brands. The patented technology allows users to upload a photo that it then analyzes for a virtual skin consultation, after which it suggests appropriate products for identified needs.

"We realized that instead of scoring the user's skin based on different dimensions, it would be far more useful to provide specific personalized advice that is both motivational and instructional,” ModiFace founder and CEO Parham Aarabi said. “In other words, instead of criticizing the user's skin or measuring their 'skin age', we tell users what is great about their current skin and how to maintain and enhance their skin health.”

The new platform was built in HTML and is compatible with all operating systems on mobile, tablet and desktop devices. The company said that it has been jointly testing the technology with L’Oréal’s Vichy skin care brand and was widely deployed on Vichy’s web and mobile sites.

ModiFace said the technology is immediately available for integration by skin care brands, noting that the integration consists of a single line of code that can be integrated within brand websites.