Beautycounter enters fragrance space

Beautycounter’s Clean Eau De Parfum collection features five fragrances.
beautycounter fragrance group

Beautycounter is entering the fragrance category with Clean Eau De Parfum. 

Founded with the mission of getting safer products into the hands of consumers, the brand has been working to influence legislation to remove harmful ingredients from beauty products, the company shared. 

Clean Eau De Parfum’s lineup consists of five fragrances that are crafted using Beautycounter’s strategy of working with safety scientists and third-party validation, including EWG verification and Leaping Bunny. 

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“Whenever asked for a piece of advice on how to navigate the personal care market, I have always recommended that people shop fragrance-free. Many of the most offensive chemicals are found in fragrance,” said Gregg Renfrew, Founder & CEO of Beautycounter stated.  “I think it is our right and our responsibility to give people safer solutions that they are confident wearing. I am proud that Beautycounter is launching a collection of beautiful scents, screened for safety, and am energized to continue to build on our history of disruption to create a higher industry standard, and most importantly protect the health and safety of more people.”

Available fragrances include Miles Away, Sun Spill, Hyper Rose, Second Skin and Pacific Dreams. 

Beautycounter’s Clean Eau De Parfum collection is available for purchase online and at the brand’s brick and mortar stores through its community of independent advocates.

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