Consumers reportedly not applying sunscreen on purpose

According to a study, individuals do not forget to protect their skin with sunscreen, instead, they admit to not using the product on purpose.
Gisselle Gaitan
Online Editor

Summer is in full swing and every skin care brand under the sun is continuing to emphasize the importance of using SPF, especially as temperatures and the UV Index rise. 

According to a new study by NC Solutions, many individuals are not forgetting to protect their skin with sunscreen, but instead many are admitting to not using the product on purpose.

The study states that the reasons many are skipping this vital step is because users don’t have sunscreen with them to apply, are too lazy to put it on, do not want to get greasy, hate the feeling of sunscreen or just want to tan faster.

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A whopping 28% of those surveyed also admitted to rarely or never wearing sunscreen, with 57% being men and 41% being women, and 13% considered themselves to be someone who enjoys laying out in the sun to get a tan.

Fifty-two percent of respondents admitted to only wearing sunscreen in the summer, 59% said they do not wear sunscreen on cloudy days and 25% do not reapply SPF if spending time outdoors.

In addition, 75% have regretted not wearing sunscreen, 58% are worried about skin cancer and 81% admitted to not getting yearly skin checks by a dermatologist.

There is a generational gap when it comes to yearly skin checks, with 90% of Gen Zers saying that they skip this annual assessment compared to 68% of baby boomers.

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Regarding sunscreen, 19% purchase brands recommended by their dermatologist or doctor, with the highest SPF protection being 50, followed by 30 then 40. Many shoppers are heading to their superstores to make the purchase while 44% bought sunscreen online and 34% headed to their nearest pharmacy or drug store.

Lastly, 61% of respondents admitted to not being worried about the environmental impact of their SPF, 59% had never heard of reef-safe or ocean-safe sunscreen and 17% admitted to purchasing reef-safe or ocean-safe sunscreen.

Whether reaching for the go-to lotion or SPF spray, it’s clear that for as many consumers who take their sun safety seriously, others are not doing the same.

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