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Dos Equis debuts ready-to-drink spirit-based margarita

Dos Equis Margarita Classic Lime has an ABV of 10% and contains blanco tequila, lime juice and natural flavors.
Dos Equis Margarita Classic Lime web

Dos Equis is entering the spirit category with its new Margarita Classic Lime beverage.

The ready-to-drink spirit-based beverage blends blanco tequila and other ingredients to create a mixed cocktail that contains an ABV of 10%, the company said.

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Featuring lime juice and natural flavors, the beverage comes in a 12-oz. can.

“We are excited to bring our first ever spirits product, Dos Equis Margarita Classic Lime, to the U.S. market which spotlights our commitment to innovation at Heineken USA and Dos Equis,” said Hannah Dray, Dos Equis brand director. “Dos Equis is a credible quality brand born in Mexico and we wanted to bring the excitement that consumers have for a traditional margarita to a can to save them the time and hassle of having to make it themselves.”

Currently, Dos Equis Margarita Class Lime is available in select markets that include New Mexico, New Jersey, Colorado, Massachusetts, Louisiana, Illinois, Las Vegas and Georgia.

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The beverage will be available in Southern California and Arizona in September, the company said. 

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