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Dyson releases Supersonic Natural hair dryer

The tool offers drying with no heat damage and is suitable for all hair types, the company said.
dyson supersonic nural
dyson supersonic nural

Dyson’s has released its newest hair dryer—the Supersonic Natural.

The hair dryer features Nural sensor technology and also offers drying with no heat damage and is suitable for all hair types, the company said. 

“If you’re able to limit heat damage, you can get a healthier scalp; and healthier hair. Our new Supersonic Nural has a time of flight sensor which recognises your head and reduces the heat as it gets close to your hair, preventing heat damage to both your scalp and your hair. Innovation only comes from investing in research and development. Our obsession to truly understand the root of the problem continues, as we build up some of the most sophisticated hair laboratories in the world,” said James Dyson, founder and chief engineer. 

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Equipped with a new Scalp Protect mode, it utilizes a network of Nural sensors to automatically reduce heat as it nears the head to also help protect the scalp from damage, the company noted. 

“From our research into the science of hair, we know that there is a connection between the quality of hair and a healthy scalp. The scalp tissue comprises different layers, with the outermost layer serving as a barrier against external stressors. But when your scalp is damaged, moisture loss can occur, a key factor in our development of the Scalp protect mode feature. This helps to maintain scalp moisture levels, prevent over drying and allows for gentle drying,” said Shawn Lim, head of research at Dyson. 

In addition, the tool also comes with a new attachment—Wave+Curl diffuser, which can help define and shape natural hair patterns across Dome and Diffuse modes. 

The Dyson Supersonic Natural hair dryer is available for purchase online. 

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