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Hello Products adds several oral, personal care innovations

Hello Products is dropping several new collections that span from oral care to personal care.

These new launches, which come on the heel of the brand’s expansion into Canada, are focused on being both innovative and clean, according to the company.

In the oral care space, new launches include:

  • Reusable Toothbrush, made with less plastic, features a replaceable brush head with floss-tip bristles and an aluminum handle. Available in black and blush shades, the starter kit retails for $9.99 while the refill kit retails for $6.99;
  • Seriously Fresh Breath Tablets, created to reel in bad breath, it features naturally derived enzyme and plant extract and slowly dissolves. Packaged in a sleek aluminum tube, each pack, containing 8 tablets, retails for $4.99;
  • Naturally Healthy Mouthwash Refill Pouch, a refill option of its naturally healthy antigingivitis mouthwash. Aimed at promoting healthy gums, while also preventing plaque and gingivitis, the pouch contains less plastic than its mouthwash bottles and caps. Available in natural mint, it retails for $9.49;
  • Sensitivity Relief + Whitening Toothpaste, a fluoride toothpaste with a potassium nitrate level allowed by the FDA to gently whiten teeth. Made for those with sensitive teeth, it also contains aloe vera and coconut oil, aims to remove surface stains and currently retails for $5.99;
  • Peppermint Oil + Coconut Oil Infused Floss, packaged in a recyclable paper carton box, it aims to remove plaque, glides easily, contains a natural vegan wax that is formulated with xylitol and retails for $4.99; and
  • Kids Juice Grape Fluoride Toothpaste, formulated to prevent cavities while also strengthening enamel, aims to polish and brighten teeth and retails for $4.49.

When it comes to the personal care category, new products include:

  • Foaming Hand Wash, which comes in three scents — Meyer lemon + vitamin E, aloe + sea minerals, and lavender + eucalyptus. Made with plant-based ingredients, it aims to clean and moisturize hands, is dermatologist tested and safe for sensitive skin, and comes in a recyclable bottle that retails for $4.99;
  • Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer Spray, made with alcohol derived from plants, it comes in four scents — lavender + eucalyptus, Meyer lemon + vitamin e, aloe + sea minerals, and fresh mint + tea tree oil. Made with upcycled ingredients, it does not leave behind a sticky feeling on the skin and retails for $3.99; and
  • Deodorants, new scents include sage + eucalyptus with shea butter and sweet coconut with shea butter. These gender-neutral deodorants provide 24-hour protection, feature a natural fragrance made with natural deodorizers, glide on easily, are not sticky or greasy and retail for $6.99 each.

Launching this month, products will be sold online at, and at such retailers as, CVS Pharmacy, Ulta Beauty, Dollar General, Walmart and Target.

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