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Jarrow Formulas’ Immune Booster targets immune, digestive health

Immune Booster features PreforPro, a probiotic that looks to help balance the gut microbiota, the company said.
jarrow formulas immune booster

Jarrow Formulas is expanding its line of probiotics with a new product — Immune Booster.

Formulated with PreforPro, a probiotic that looks to help balance the gut microbiota by allowing probiotic bacteria to have more room to flourish, the product also provides bacteriophages, which are submicroscopic bundles of DNA and RNA with a protein shell found in seaweed, soil, fermented foods and the human body, the company said.

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“Science has clearly demonstrated that 70% of the immune system is housed in the gut, so we knew in developing Immune Booster, we wanted to focus on the microbiome as the immunity power center,” said Hanan Wajih, chief marketing officer of Jarrow Formulas. “Our goal was to create something that could conveniently fit into people's morning lifestyles and routines while adhering to Jarrow’s strict wellness and efficacy standards.”

Also featured in the Immune Booster is DE11, an ingredient that functions as spore-forming and immune-supporting probiotic strains that work by secreting digestive enzymes, biosurfactant and exopolysaccharides to help support healthy gut and immune system, the company said.

Immune Booster is non-GMO, vegetarian and made without the use of wheat, gluten, soybeans, dairy, eggs, fish or shellfish, peanut, tree nuts or sesame.

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Available in an orange flavor, Jarrow Formulas’ Immune Booster can be purchased online.

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