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Karma Water launches Natural Energy Water

Karma Energy Water is available in five flavors—raspberry peach, melon dragonfruit, blueberry watermelon, orange mango and pineapple coconut.
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Karma Water is expanding its beverage line with the release of Karma Energy Water.

Crafted in collaboration with Kyowa USA, Karma Energy Water "marries the invigorating power of 150 mg of natural caffeine with Kyowa USA’s clinically studied brain health ingredient Cognizin Citicoline," the brand noted.  

Engineered with its proprietary Push Cap, this innovative technology protects the active nutrients until seconds before consumption to ensure optimal potency, creating a one-of-a-kind product for consumers. 

“Karma Energy Water represents a transformative leap in the sector as over the past three decades, consumer preferences have markedly evolved, with a growing demand for healthier energy options grounded in scientific nutrition,” said CJ Rapp, CEO of Karma Water. “Today's consumers are not only seeking physical alertness but also enhanced mental clarity.” 

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In response to these changing needs, Karma Energy harnesses the natural power of green tea extract and Cognizin for cognitive nutrition, redefining the landscape of traditional energy drinks. 

In addition, the brand shared that it takes a firm stance against artificial and/or processed sweeteners such as sucralose and erythritol, as well as artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. 

Karma Energy Water stands out with its distinctive Push Cap, preserving active components for maximum effectiveness and optimal nutrition. It combines 150 mg of natural caffeine sourced from green tea and B-Complex vitamins, plus a blend of nootropics, adaptogens and essential nutrients, providing a sustained, healthier energy boost, the company said. 

Cognizin Citicoline, is supported by steadfast clinical research that supports enhancing alertness and cognitive function. Karma's unique formulation offers an unparalleled combination of energy and mental clarity, addressing the multifaceted needs of the modern consumer, the company said.

"Every bottle of Karma is packed with unprecedented levels of active ingredients, which are then made more effective by our patented Push Cap technology,” said Jeff Platt, president of Karma Water. “In contrast, pre-mixed drinks often fall short on their promise due to ingredient degradation." 

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Karma Energy Water will be available in five flavors—raspberry peach, melon dragonfruit, blueberry watermelon, orange mango and pineapple coconut. Karma Water is naturally sweetened, vegan, non-GMO and free of preservatives, gluten and lactose.  

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