Men’s grooming new products

Nora Caley

After highlighting several ways beard, deodorant and skin care brands are helping men return to in-person meetings and social activities, DSN is taking a look at some standout products in the men’s grooming category. 


Degree adds antiperspirants
The Degree Unstoppable Freshness range, which has the brand’s MotionSense technology that is activated every time the wearer moves, offers 48 hours of sweat and odor protection.

Degree 48H Unstoppable Freshness is available in Coconut & Mint, which combines the masculine musk of coconut with a crisp, cooling mint scent; and Mandarin & Vetiver, which combines the zesty and invigorating scent of mandarin with the woodsy musk of vetiver, according to the company. Degree Unstoppable Freshness is also available in the same two scents in an aluminum-free formulation and a dry spray.


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Harry’s expands skin care line
Harry’s new skin care lineup features four new products. Freshening Face Toner is alcohol-free and uses a botanical astringent-like extract paired with niacinamide to leave skin feeling clean and hydrated, according to the company.

Hydrating Night Lotion is a nighttime moisturizer that uses a mix of phytic acid, niacinamide and other ingredients to hydrate and improve the skin’s texture during sleep. Brightening Eye Cream
solves dark under eye circle woes with a lightweight and cooling cream that provides immediate hydration and visibly brightens the area by using a blend of algae extracts, niacinamide and other ingredients.

Targeted Blemish Treatment
is a lightweight cream, featuring wintergreen leaf extract, a natural source of salicylic acid, and the herb tiger grass, which helps target the source of the blemish while relieving irritation and redness.



Nivea launches men’s breathable body lotion 
Nivea Men Breathable Body Lotion for dry skin provides long-lasting moisture for 48 hours, with no sticky feel. The paraben-free body lotion evaporates sweat three times faster than Nivea Men Maximum Hydration Lotion.

Specially formulated for men who want to stay active and feel fresh, the dye-free lotion features microgel, shea butter and a blend of oils that help with skin breathability. 

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Okay Pure Naturals introduces new collection
The Okay Men’s Hemp Seed Oil Collection consists of beard growth and strengthening oils, growth and maintenance oils, moisturizing lotions, shampoos and pomades. Hemp seed oil helps soften the beard and condition it for manageability.

This collection helps nourish hair and beard, and helps prevent breakage. Also new is Okay Men’s Detoxifying Himalayan Salt Collection, which consists of a detoxifying Himalayan salt foot soak and full body muscle soak. Himalayan salt is a natural, mineral-rich salt that helps sooth muscles, reduce swelling, treat minor aches, and relax muscles and feet. 

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