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DSN Retail Excellence Awards — Private label

By Carol Radice - 02/02/2018
It’s no secret that while sales of national brands are barely growing, private label continues to impress. Innovation is a key factor behind the growth and the reason why more retailers are continuing to view private label as a strategic tool that can help them drive traffic to their stores.

Experts agree that the overarching factor that makes the best private-label programs stand out is a commitment to excellence. Savvy retailers have found that in this rapidly changing retail environment, relying less on a price-value platform and more on using innovative, specialized offerings to stand apart can create a destination for unique product solutions shoppers can’t find anywhere else.

Take CVS Pharmacy, for example. The chain is leveraging its reputation in health to position itself as a proactive leader in preventive care. Whether in beauty, health or food, CVS Pharmacy is making the ingredients that are absent or present in its store brands the point of difference.

The term innovation means many things to many people, but at its core, a company that is an innovator is one that revolutionizes and transforms an industry. Put another way, innovative companies deftly and quickly satisfy the needs and expectations of its customers.

How does one distinguish between the truly innovative and the myriad of me-too companies out there? To do our part, Drug Store News has created the Retail Excellence (REX) Awards to better help retailers recognize the suppliers that can help them make a difference.

Here’s a look at our 2018 REX Award—Private Label recipients:

Arylessence private label manufacturerArylessence
When it comes to creating a new product, arguably two of the most important factors that affect whether it succeeds in the marketplace are the right fragrances and flavors. Marietta, Ga.-based Arylessence understands this. With a mission to help companies grow their brands and business, Arylessence uses a combination of creativity, science and technology to create winning fragrances and distinctive flavors that move brands closer to consumers.

Arylessence executives said the company accomplishes this using four key approaches: by bringing strategy to fragrance and flavor; identifying consumer trends and buying behaviors; developing brand-based marketing ideas and working in partnership with clients. Within this distinct approach, Arylessence develops a comprehensive analysis of a brand’s competitive landscape to explore opportunities for new fragrance and flavor concepts. These insights, company officials said, strengthen brands by identifying the scents and tastes that connect better to shoppers and dramatically improve the retailer’s power to compete.

The company believes strongly that by avoiding guesswork, retailers can make sure that fragrances and flavors contribute strategically to their success. “Our entire approach is focused on creating fragrances and flavors that make your brands more competitive, more attractive to consumers and more successful in the marketplace,” said Gary Sycz, vice president of sales and business development. “Our clients depend on us to provide the leverage that improves brand performance to generate market share and sales growth.”

Chase Products

Chase Products
“First to achieve” is a moniker that aptly describes Chase Products. Established in 1927, the Broadview, Ill.-based company was the first to manufacturer spray paint, the first to develop hair spray, the first to package natural starch in aerosol form and the first to formulate and manufacture an antiperspirant deodorant in an aerosol can.

Today, the company offers a wide range of branded and private-label aerosol products designed for industrial, as well as home use, including cleaning, craft and paint-based products — all of which are made in the United States. Company leadership said Chase has grown its private-label program over time through a focus on three pillars for success: experience, integrity and quality. In addition, the company’s program has thrived in part because it offers national brand equivalents and bases its minimums and lead times on the specific needs of each retailer. Products are created using either a retailer’s formula, an existing Chase formula or a custom product developed by Chase’s in-house R&D team, Chase said.

A key part of the company’s success is creating consumer-driven products, which officials say is evidenced by the recent introduction of Home Value, Chase’s line of household and personal care products. The line provides a range of attractively priced products tailored for retailers looking for unique opportunities.

Chase also created a line of cleaners to appeal to the environmentally conscious consumer. Champion Sprayon Green World N products are the first full line of Safer Choice-labeled green cleaners and polishes offering a continuous spray system. These products have earned the Environmental Protection Agency’s Safer Choice label, which identifies products the agency deems safer for people and the planet.

“These green products use natural nitrogen propellant, and the Safer Choice label means that every ingredient in the product has been reviewed by EPA scientists,” said Judy Albazi, president and CEO. “What’s more, the coil-to-can containers are made with a minimum of 25% recycled steel, and are 100% recyclable in communities that accept aerosol cans for recycling.”

Edgewell Personal Care
Edgewell Personal Care Private brands groupFor Shelton, Conn.-based Edgewell Personal Care, its goal is to lead the industry through focus, insightful innovation and agility. Company executives said that its efforts to deliver better solutions to retailers and consumers is one of the reasons the company is frequently recognized as a leader in the industry.

The company’s private brands group is the world’s oldest and largest producer of private-label razors. With more than 135 years of wet-shaving legacy, Edgewell officials said it works closely with its customers to provide a consumer-focused and category-driven perspective on private brands.

Given the importance of helping its retail partners offer meaningful value to their shoppers, Edgewell’s National Brand Equivalent strategy continues to resonate in the increasingly crowded shaving category. The company is currently the No.1 supplier of private-label shaving products in the United States. Company officials said that Edgewell’s customization capabilities give it the flexibility to meet diverse customer needs through differentiation.

“Consumers, eager to find new ways to stretch their budgets, place great trust in their favorite store brands — and we take that responsibility very seriously,” said Tom Parker, senior business development manager at Edgewell’s private brands group. “Through 2018 and beyond, we’ll continue to focus our efforts toward innovation and delivering unsurpassed value, and plan to expand and innovate our portfolio with a focus on quality, performance, and, of course, consumer value.”

Garoca LaboratoriesGarcoa
For more than 30 years, Garcoa has been supplying companies personal care products, including hair care, skin care, OTC