Pacific Shaving products join Wegmans' personal care aisle

Gisselle Gaitan
Online Editor
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A new personal care brand is hitting Wegmans' shelves.

Pacific Shaving, a California-based grooming brand, announced that several of its products are now available at the retailer.


Shoppers who will be browsing through the retailer’s personal care aisle can expect to find the brand’s Caffeinated Shaving Cream, Caffeinated Aftershave and Nick Stick on shelves.

When it came to choosing a retail partner, choosing Wegmans as a place to start seemed like a no-brainer. According to Stan Ades, co-founder and CEO of Pacific Shaving, the burgeoning partnership emerged organically. 

Wegmans has always been a sought-after retail partner for us. We were fortunate enough to be contacted earlier in the year by their category manager, Carlton Cox, who had heard and read great things about our differentiated line of innovative and effective shaving essentials," Ades said. "We had a Zoom conference call and it felt like an immediate fit for both of us from the start."

Ades continued, “Though we operate on opposite coasts, Wegmans’ reputation as a family-run, customer-centric business felt like a natural extension of how Pacific Shaving operates as well. Both of our companies take pride in selling quality products at fair prices.”


Quality products, fair prices and novelty were what helped determine which of the brand’s products would ultimately be carried by the retailer.

“Wegmans was looking to add items to their shaving set that stands out from the rest. Adding items that had a clean, modern aesthetic and mass appeal was important, but they did not want to load their shelves with me-too products," Ades said. "I got the sense they were really looking to create a shave set that was a destination for shoppers to access products that are good for the skin, the earth and their wallets."

Creating products that are good for both the skin and planet is part of the Pacific Shaving Company mission, seeing as their current offerings contain vegan, cruelty-free and natural formulas that are suitable for a variety of skin types. 

As its Wegmans distribution gets started, Ades said Pacific Shaving also has several retail and hospitality distribution agreements that it is planning to announce in the future, as well as several philanthropic efforts.