PompStyl caters to men’s hair styling needs

PompStyl hair care and styling products were designed to help consumers style and hold their desired look, the company said.
Gisselle Gaitan
Online Editor
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Men who are on the hunt for hair styling products may just find what they are looking for with PompStyl’s new hair care and styling line.

Featuring an array of products designed to help men style their hair as desired without having to break the bank, the brand’s offerings include:

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  • Power Hold Gel and Shaving Gel, made with a thick and alcohol-free formula that is water-based, this gel contains natural extracts and is suitable to be used on wet or dry hair;
  • Hard Hold Matte Finish Pomade, formulated with a water-based and high-resolution formula, it comes in three different hold strengths, delivers a stronghold and definition, and is suitable to be used on various hair types;
  • Firm Hold Pomade, containing a water-based and high-resolution formula, this pomade comes in three hold strengths and rinses out of hair cleanly with regular shampoo and water; and
  • Beard Oil, made with natural oils and extracts, looks to moisturize and soften beards.

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Additional information on PompStyl products, including where to purchase them, can be found online at