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Products to Watch: HRG’s 5 picks from September 2021

HRG’s new product team sifted through the 169 products introduced last month to find five that have the potential to be lasting offerings.

A changing of the seasons did not slow down product innovation from CPG companies. As the summer ended and fall began in September, companies introduced 169 new products, comprising 31 health items, 59 wellness products and 78 beauty offerings. HRG’s new product team sifted through all of them and found five that have potential to be big sellers based on their innovativeness and ability to deliver on unmet needs.

1. Nexcare Tegaderm + Pad Transparent Dressing
The latest from 3M’s Nexcare brand is a low-profile film dressing designed to completely shield incisions and wounds from dirt, water and germs while still allowing them to breathe. Made to be flexible and comfortable, the dressings can be worn up to a week and throughout showering and bathing.

2. Vazalore Liquid-filled Aspirin Capsules, 81 mg
Vazalore manufacturer PLx Pharma claims that the brand offers the first and only liquid-filled aspirin capsule on the market. Designed to protect the stomach while delivering fast absorption, the product offers pain relief and fever reduction, as well as a dosing option for consumers whose doctors recommend low-dose aspirin therapy.   

3. Vicks Sinex Moisturizing Saline Spray with Aloe
P&G is adding to the nasal care products from its Vicks brand with Vicks Sinex Moisturizing Saline Spray. The product offers drug-free relief from congestion and contains aloe to hydrate and soothe nasal passages. The ultra-fine mist provides better dosage control.

4. Alocane Maximum Strength First Aid Antiseptic Spray
Quest Products is rolling out a 4% lidocaine spray with Alocane Maximum Strength spray. Designed for continuous spray at any angle, the product offers no-touch application with an alcohol-free formulation that can kill 99% of germs and pain-free wound cleaning. The company said the bottle allows for 100% product emptying.

5. Blue Lizard Sunscreen Sheer Face Lotion SPF 50+
Blue Lizard’s new mineral-based sunscreen product aims to deliver sun protection that rubs in smooth and dries clear while nourishing skin. Free of parabens, fragrances, oxybenzone and octinoxate, the Blue Lizard Sunscreen Sheer Face Lotion offers broad-spectrum SPF 50+ sun protection, alongside a blend of hydrating elements that include hyaluronic acid, shea butter, antioxidants and vitamin E. 

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