Schmidt’s, Jerry from Netflix’s ‘Cheer’ encourage natural deodorant switch

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Schmidt’s, Jerry from Netflix’s ‘Cheer’ encourage natural deodorant switch

By Gisselle Gaitan - 06/03/2020

Schmidt’s has a brand new partnership under its belt.

The Portland, Ore.-based company is teaming up with Jerry Harris from Netflix’s “Cheer” to encourage consumers to switch over to natural deodorants.

“As an athlete, I am very particular about what I put in and on my body,” Harris said. “Wellness is super important to me so trying out natural deodorant just made sense. But, it HAD to actually work. While at home, I tried Schmidt's for the first time and I legit smelled great even after my workouts. My entire family got in on making the switch after seeing how much I loved it, which was awesome. Schmidt's Rose+Black Pepper is my favorite scent — it's soft and spicy, and just smells good.”

As part of its #GoSchmidts campaign, the brand offered up the chance for five people to win a private video chat with Harris, who gained popularity for his encouraging ‘mat talk’ on the series.

In addition, 500 people will be receiving Jerry’s favorite Schmidt’s deodorants, the company said.

“In recent weeks, we've been experiencing a surge of interest on social media and customer service channels around the natural deodorant transition, but many have questions about what they should expect when switching from a conventional deodorant to a natural deodorant,” Ryu Yokoi, CEO of Schmidt's said. “When we saw the conversation, we challenged Jerry to join in and put the product to the ultimate test by adding it to his wellness routine. To date, over 4 million people have discovered the benefit of Schmidt's natural deodorant — including Jerry — and there's no better person to cheer people on as they make their switch to naturals.”