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SheaMoisture’s Men’s Shave line helps reduce razor bumps

The Men’s Shave collection is designed to help reduce razor bumps while also giving skin the care it needs before, during and after shaving.

SheaMoisture is tackling men’s personal grooming needs with the debut of its Men’s Shave collection.

Designed to help reduce razor bumps while also giving skin the care it needs before, during and after shaving, the line is formulated for coarse and curly facial hair types, the company said.

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Featuring products that protect, condition and soften both the skin and facial hair, the full collection includes:

  • Pre-Shave Softening Oil: Designed to deeply condition curly facial hair and soften skin before shaving, the oil helps users create an ideal shaving surface for less irritation. It also provides an ideal slip and glide action to aid in reducing razor bumps and irritation;
  • Daily Moisturizing Cleansing Balm: Made to cleanse skin with hydrating ingredients that leaves a softer and smoother feeling, the balm can be used daily or before a shave;
  • Double Edged Safety Razor: Designed to help reduce razor bumps, it provides a precise shave at skin level, helping reduce irritation, nicks and tugs of curly hair. Featuring a single blade design in a chrome finish with 10 platinum-coated blades, it can help with a precise cut needed for a fresh line up;
  • Invisible Line Up Gel: Made for the shaver seeking maximum glide and transparency, it goes on completely clear for a crisp, clean line around the beard or necklines. Featuring a foamless formula, it also can help provide an ideal glide to protect skin from irritation and razor bumps;
  • Smoothing Shave Butter: Infused with shea butter and maracuja oil, it works up to a luxurious all-over lather that softens skin and can provide a glide and cushion to help prevent irritation during shaving;
  • Post-Shave Restoring Cream: Made with 3% botanically-derived azelaic acid, the multifunctional skin restoration cream hydrates and improves skin after shaving. Also featuring tea tree oil and jojoba oil, the cream helps achieve softer and smoother skin;
  • Daily Moisturizing Face Lotion: Developed to hydrate skin, it contains shea butter and 3% botanically-derived azelaic acid to hydrate and smooth imperfections while also delivering moisturization to leave skin feeling soft; and
  • Daily Exfoliating Pads: Designed to exfoliate and restore skin by removing impurities and providing a more even skin texture. Featuring a formula that provides gentle exfoliation, it also works to remove dead skin cells, as well as even and smooth the skin texture.

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SheaMoisture’s Men’s Shave collection is available at Walmart, Rite Aid and beauty supply stores, as well as on Sally Beauty's website and Amazon.  

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