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Sign of the times: Customized cosmetics, skin care lead 2022 trends

As the year comes to an end, beauty trends have also come and gone within the year.

As the year comes to an end, beauty trends have also come and gone within the year. There’s been a huge shift in the way consumers learn and shop for their new favorite must-haves, thanks to such social platforms as Instagram and TikTok. The leading brands have been doing their best to keep up for the last 12 months. 

Though it all hasn’t been just about creating new products for consumers. Major players in the beauty space, including CoverGirl, NYX Professional Makeup, e.l.f. Cosmetics and essence Cosmetics, among others, have worked to reinvent themselves by ensuring their products are cruelty free, certified by a clean organization, or find a way to marry the worlds of skin care and makeup. 

According to Kantar’s Finding the Future Beauty and Cosmetics Trends report, foundation and face powders have seen a dramatic rise in interest from consumers — specifically Gen Z — and they have also been on the hunt for products that produce less waste. This includes foundation sticks, refillable products and those that come with their own reusable beauty sponges. 

In addition, there also has been a huge surge in enhancing and protecting the skin. Gone are the days of heavy or caked-on foundation. Consumers are now opting for products that leave behind a dewy complexion, enhance one’s appearance and protect from harmful environmental pollutants by offering some type of SPF protection in foundations or BB creams. 

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“By applying the lens of changing needs, we see a move toward protection and status identity through cosmetics,” Kantar said in its report. 

On the other hand, Mintel’s Beauty and Personal Care Trends report mentions how beauty has begun to play a vital role in how a person looks as well as how they feel, which allows for a massive increase in freedom of expression when it comes to cosmetics. 

Sixty percent of those surveyed in the United States admitted to caring about using brands and products that align with their values. Aligning with values also means that brands have had to find a way to make their products inclusive and customizable to each individual. 

“In beauty, today’s communication and expression are heading toward authenticity without perfection, to layer onto connection, openness and engagement,” Mintel noted. 

Customizable beauty may sound like a task almost impossible to accomplish, but meeting those needs may include finding new ways to reduce packaging, as sustainability has become a huge trend in the space for the last few years. 

Sustainability has been a major push for such brands as Biossance, Caudalie and Youth to The People, among others, which have pledged that their product packaging will be more plant-friendly by 2025. 

“Circularity for the beauty industry requires more than the existing quantification of goals and metrics; more importantly, it is an invitation for a fundamental shift in business normality and for brands to reimagine their relationships with their suppliers, consumers and even with one another as organizations,” Mintel stated in its report. 

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Brands are looking toward consumers to help guide them in the next direction, and thanks to social media, maintaining an almost personal and constant contact with the average shopper is now easier than ever. 

“The differentiating point for brands moving forward lies in putting emotions and brand community high on the agenda, no longer treating diversity as a marketing ploy but instead recognizing the need for diverse teams and perspectives from consumers to design products aimed at a diverse audience right from the start,” Mintel notes. 

Diversity also has been a huge push for leading beauty retailers who have pledged to put more BIPOC brands on their shelves and even launched beauty accelerator programs to help accomplish this goal. 

No matter how you look at it, in 2022 just as trends changed from slicked back hair and minimal makeup to siren and doe eye-inspired looks, brands needed to find a way to keep up but continue innovating a space they have inhabited for quite some time.

Product Picks 

NYX Professional Makeup Wonder Pencil
SRP: $7 
Designed to help shape, highlight and conceal, NYX Professional Makeup’s Wonder Pencil comes in five matte and shimmer color-coordinated shade pairings. Perfect to use on the lower brow arch for a lifting effect and on the waterline to make the eyes appear bigger, this pencil is vegan and cruelty free. 

Unhidden Beauty Pop Culture Eyeshadow Palette Collection 
SRP: $28 for an 8-shadow palette and $36 for a 12-shadow palette 
These highly pigmented eye shadows come in nine designs that channel iconic celebrity figures and moments that range from Harry Styles to Lizzo. Made using ethically sourced mica, the shadows sit in recycled and recyclable packaging that is refillable. Consumers can opt to customize the existing palettes with shades that range from matte to duo chrome, metallic, shimmer, glitter, bronze and satin. 

Essence Cosmetics what the fake! Extreme Plumping Lip Filler
SRP: $4.99 
Infused with hyaluronic acid and vitamin E for an instant plumping effect that is spiced with chili extract for an extra tingle and plump, the what the fake! Extreme Lip Filler is vegan, gluten free, paraben free and oil free. 

E.l.f. Cosmetics Putty Bronzer
SRP: $7
Featuring a highly pigmented and creamy formula, the Putty Bronzer transforms from a cream to a semi-matte powder finish that melts into the skin for a natural glow. Containing argan oil and vitamin E for hydration, it can be applied either with the hands or a brush for a natural bronze or soft contour. 

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