V aims to shake up the shaving game

Gisselle Gaitan
Online Editor
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V, an eco-friendly shaving company, is now making waves in the United States.

The brand, which offers products in various colors and finishes that include rose gold, purple shimmer and white matte among its 14 designs, looks to ensure the best quality shave for consumers.

Designed for precision control and sensitive skin, V’s launch comes after three years of research and development across the United States and the United Kingdom to create a product that consumers were looking for, the company said.

One of the features of V’s products is pop-in pop-out technology, which uses precise German blades and a metal travel carrying case cylinder.

To help spread the word about its products, V enlisted the help of various brand ambassadors that include musical artists Dream Doll, Baby Goth, Pettylevels, Lariahlynn and Malaynah.

“V’s marketing slogan is Life Is More Beautiful with Colors which represents the amazing diversity in today's world. We are very excited to be working with these talented musicians to help get the word out,” COO Tommy Bardeson said.

V products are to feature one handle, three refills and a metal travel cylinder that will first be available online at and launch at major retailers nationwide in the first quarter of 2021.