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Womaness focuses on modern menopause relief

Gisselle Gaitan
Online Editor
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There’s a new brand on the scene aimed at aiding women currently going through menopause.

Womaness, co-founded by Michelle Jacobs and Sally Mueller, is a brand of personal care and beauty products that aims to celebrate those currently undergoing this phase of life, the company said.

Consisting of 13 SKUs that range from supplements and feminine care to sexual health and skin and body care, consumers can expect to find:

  • Gone in a Hot Flash All-Over Cooling Mist features a formula that aims to soothe hot flashes and night sweats, refreshes and is safe to apply anywhere — including over makeup;
  • Let’s Neck Neck and Décolletté Serum, created to relieve thin and crepey skin and dark spots caused by menopause, contains a collagen-boosting serum and cream formulation that can be applied via its cooling roller applicator that also massages the skin;
  • Eye Opener Smoothing and Brightening Cream boasts a naturally derived formula that aims to diminish fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles, It also looks to leave skin looking brighter than ever;
  • Go Go Liners Light Leak Protection, an ultra-thin and highly absorbent liner, that features 100% organic cotton and an absorbent strip that looks to deliver protection needed to stay comfortable and dry;
  • The Works Smoothing All-Over Body Cream has a lightweight and moisturizing formula for the body that aims to boost elasticity while also replenishing texture and tightening skin that may appear crepey before and during menopause;
  • Overnight Magic Nighttime Repair Cream contains a collagen-boosting formula, with a cream that looks to relieve the effects of menopausal skin while also leaving skin looking smoother and more supple;
  • Fountain of Glow Vitamin C Facial Serum, formulated with an antioxidant of 8% vitamin C in a squalene oil solution, aims to brighten, tighten and condition the skin;
  • Fresh and Clean All-Over Body Wipes features a blend of rosewater, cranberry fruit and aloe leaf extracts formulated to soothe any area that is either itchy, too hot or simply needs to be refreshed;
  • Me No Pause Menopause Relief all-natural supplements look to deliver hormone-free relief from hot flashes and night sweats while also supporting a healthy sex drive, boosting concentration and aiding in providing calm;
  • Daily V Soothe External Vaginal Moisturizer contains a water-based and hormone-free formula that aims to provide comfort while also relieving everyday dryness as a result of menopause;
  • Active Glow Look and Feel Better, Inside and Out supplements are formulated to aid joint aches and flexibility, as well as such other concerns as dry skin, collagen loss, thinning hair and brittle nails;
  • Out [email protected] Spot Dark Spot Treatment Patches are made with micro-channels that look to aid in providing noticeable lightening, brightening and getting rid of discolored skin; and
  • Good Vibes Stimulating Vibrator consists of a silicone-molded bullet that is waterproof and discreet.

Currently, Womaness’ products can be found on womaness.com and will be available at select Target stores and Target.com on March 28.