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Yerbaé takes on fall with pumpkin spice-inspired energy drink

Yerbaé’s pumpkin spice energy drink contains 160 mg of natural caffeine from the South American herb yerba mate, the company said.
Yerbaé pumpkin spice energy drink

Fall is quickly approaching and Yerbaé is taking on the season with a new energy drink flavor — pumpkin spice.

The brand’s new pumpkin spice energy drink will launch alongside a See You Latte, PSL! campaign, which exposes some of the unhealthy truths that popular pumpkin spice lattes have been sugarcoating for almost two decades, the company said.

“After years of drinking PSLs, I ask myself what is in these latte’s, I was shocked at the answer. They contain an aggressive amount of calories, with significant levels of sugar, and to top it off, they are filled with artificial ingredients,” said Todd Gibson, co-founder and CEO of Yerbaé.

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“Karrie and I have always shared a passion for wellness, energy and things that taste great, but we quickly found out that healthier options for pumpkin spice fans were almost non-existent,” Gibson said. “So we set out once again to provide an alternative that is uncompromising in delivering an elevated experience, using non-GMO, plant-based ingredients that we believe people would be proud to drink. Fall into our Yerbaé Pumpkin Spice instead, we believe you will love it!”

Featuring 160 mg of natural caffeine from the South American herb yerba mate, Yerbaé’s pumpkin spice beverage also has 0 calories and 0 sugar, the brand said.

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Yerbaé’s pumpkin spice energy drink is available for pre-order online and will be available beginning Sept. 5 on Amazon and at select Costco stores in Southern California.

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