Chloe Fineman joins Pantene’s Conditioner Collective

The Pantene Conditioner Collective, which consists of five women, will work to help redefine how conditioner is used.
Gisselle Gaitan
Online Editor

Pantene is working to redefine the status quo of conditioner in a variety of ways.

To do just that, the beauty brand is enlisting a group of creative and inspirational women who will showcase the ways conditioners can deliver more to changing hairstyles.

The Pantene Conditioner Collective, which will work to help redefine how conditioner is used, is made up of five women who will use humor, creativity and inspiration to spread this message.

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Members of the collective currently include: “Saturday Night Live” and “Dickinson” star Chloe Fineman; Peloton instructor Jess King; “Hacks” star Meg Stalter, model and ballerina Nardia Boodoo; and violinist Ezinma.

“These women are the main characters in their own lives, and we’re inspired by their use of style as a means of expressing individuality and the different aspects of themselves,” Maris Croswell, the senior brand director at Pantene said. “At Pantene, our goal is to create products that help her achieve her desired end look so she can express herself freely, and her hair needs a strong, healthy foundation to do that. Our new formulas have 2X the active nutrients* and nourish hair to make it easier to style. She can experiment with her styles and express her individuality, knowing her hair can keep up with everything she asks of it.”

In addition to starring in a film that features all the women who are part of the collective, Fineman will be working with Pantene on the #PanteneCanDoThat challenges on social media.

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Through this Instagram challenge, the collective will share how Pantene helps achieve and maximize their hairstyles.

“It’s 2022 — You should be asking more from your conditioner!” said Fineman. “I love having a conditioner that can keep up with my day — constantly changing styles, getting into different characters - I know my Pantene conditioner can keep up with whatever I throw at my hair.”

Pantene’s new line of conditioners retail for $4.99 each and are available at drug stores nationwide, food stores and mass merchandisers, including Target.

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