Dove’s Plant Milk Cleansing Bars shake up shower routines

The Plant Milk Cleansing Bars aim to provide consumers with 24 hours of nourishment and are pH-balanced, the company said.
dove cleansing milk bar
dove cleansing milk bar

Dove is debuting its entry into the premium bar space—Plant Milk Cleansing Bars. 

Infused with plant-based milk, the products aim to provide consumers with 24 hours of nourishment and are pH-balanced to be as milk as water, the brand shared. 

Available in four scents designed to match moods and enhance shower routines, shoppers can opt from: 

  • Coconut Milk & Sugar Lychee: Made to smoothly revitalize skin, it contains notes of coconut milk and lychee; 
  • Macadamia Milk & Willow Lavender: Offered as a serenity seeker, it features spa-inspired scents of lavender and vanilla chamomile; 
  • Oat Milk & Berry Brulee: Presented as a moisture marvel, it contains hints of berries and brown sugar notes; and 
  • Turmeric Milk & Lemon Drop: A glow booster, it offers notes of lemon and orange blossom. 

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“When we first introduced the Dove Beauty Bar in 1957 with our patented blend of mild cleansers and ¼ moisturizing cream, it set the blueprint for gentle skin care,” said Mele Melero, global vice president of Dove skin cleansing. “When it comes to premium bars, many of the current options out there focus solely on fragrance, with no added benefits. We immediately knew Dove Plant Milk Cleansing Bars could set a new standard for what consumers should expect from a premium bar—an elevated sensorial experience, while providing the superior nourishment you know and love from Dove.”

Dove Plant Milk Cleansing Bars carry an SRP of $5.99 each, are now available in-stores and online at, and will be available nationwide at mass retailers beginning in March. 

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