Panasonic debuts electric women’s shavers

Panasonic unveiled two new models of its Women’s Wet/Dry Electric Shavers — ES-WL80-V and ES-WL60-G.
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Panasonic is looking to help women with their personal grooming routines.

To do just that, the Newark, N.J.-based company is rolling out two new models of its Women’s Wet/Dry Electric Shaver — ES-WL80-V and ES-WL60-G.

Designed to provide users with a close shave, the tool is safe and gentle on the skin, including in those hard-to-reach areas, the company said.

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“As consumers transition into a new ‘normal’ because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we continue to see many women are still seeking beauty and grooming products they can use in the comfort of their home that provide them with salon-quality results,” Ranjia Zhang, the senior product manager of personal care and Health care at Panasonic said. “This has resulted in increased demand for a shaver that can provide a close shave yet be gentle on skin and safe to use. The two new models of the Panasonic Women’s Wet/Dry Electric Shaver are the perfect solution for women's at-home grooming needs.”

Both tools come with floating blades and dual ultra-think outer foils that work together to ensure precise hair removal. Unlike traditional shavers, the inner blades do not touch the skin directly and allow for a shave that does not cut or irritate the skin, the company said.

In addition, both shavers utilize a back and forth movement of the blades on either sides that removes unwanted hair in large areas efficiently. The only difference between the tools is that the ES-WL80-V features four blades and a bikini attachment, while the ES-WL60-G has three blades.

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Designed to be used wet or dry, the shavers can reach a full charge in 20 hours and can be used continuously for 35 minutes.

Available for purchase on, the Panasonic Women’s Wet/Dry Electric Shaver ES-WL80-V model retails for $39.99 and ES-WL60-G retails for $29.99.