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Rebels Refinery joins Target’s men’s grooming lineup

The latest addition to Target’s men’s grooming section is looking to make personal care appealing to a notoriously no-frills demographic. Rebels Refinery, started by three friends, combines natural ingredients with a sleek package design, and is now available in Target stores and online.

The nine-SKU line of products spans the category from lip balm to shampoo, beard oil and under-eye moisturizer. Rebels Refinery products contain such ingredients as vitamin E, green tea and Canadian raspberry seed oil, as well as peptides and botanicals — including aloe and sunflower seed extract.

The Rebels Refinery line includes:

  • Rehab Roller under-eye moisturizer, which contains a blend of botanicals an caffeine that the company said reduces puffiness and dark circles ($9.99);

  • Rebels Hair Styling Paste, which offers a matte finish ($16.99);

  • Dirty Boy bamboo face and body wipes, biodegradable wipes that contain natural anti-fungal ingredients ($5.99);

  • 2-in-1 body wash and shampoo, which has botanicals that can rejuvenate and soften skin ($6.99);

  • Moisturizing beard and pre-shave oil, which has anti-dandruff ingredients that the company said are also designed to promote hair growth and soften hair ($13.99);

  • Anti-wrinkle moisturizer, which is designed to reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles with such ingredients as green tea and Canadian raspberry seed oil ($8.99);

  • Advanced Clear Skin face wash, a sulfate-free cleanser for all skin types that uses vitamin E to revitalize the skin and such botanicals as jasmine, aloe and orange peel oil to balance skin tone, texture and oil production ($8.99);

  • Capital Vices skull lip balm, a unisex product that uses coconut and sweet almond oils to nourish and protect lips — all in a skull-shaped container embossed on the bottom with a “Hamlet” quote from the titular character, “be all my sins remember’d” ($9.99 for a three-pack); and

  • Wealth of Man organic oil bar soap, which uses organic coconut and palm oils, as well as soy protein to rejuvenate and cleanse. The company said that each bar is hand-wrapped, strung and sealed with wax in Toronto in batches of 500 ($4.99).

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