Curls’ Hair Under There collection focuses on scalp, hair health

Curls’ Hair Under There collection features five products designed to nourish hair and scalp during the preinstall and post-takedown treatment of weaves and wigs.
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Curls is launching a new hair and scalp care collection that aims to promote healthy hair growth while wearing a protective style.

The beauty brand’s new Hair Under There line features five products that were designed to focus on the pre-install and post-takedown treatment of weaves and wigs.

Overall, the collection looks to ensure that the user’s crown is thoroughly protected and replenished before and after the protective style is in place, the company said.

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Products part of the line include:

  • Detox Cleanser, infused with herbal tea, it is free of sulfates and looks to rid the scalp of buildup from weeks of protective styling. It can be used on natural hair, as well as a curly weave and extensions;
  • Strengthen Me Moisture Mask, formulated with a natural protein to strengthen hair after weeks of protective styling, this moisture-infused mask also conditions and helps detangle hair;
  • Bomb Braid in Conditioner, a softening and hydrating pre-install treatment that is used before braiding the hair in preparation of a wig, weave or extensions. It offers users a conditioned base, can only be used on curly weaves and extensions, and can also help in taking down braids by softening and detangling hair before shampoo and conditioner;
  • Soothe and Cool Me Scalp Potion, a scalp balm that looks to refresh, calm reinvigorate and hydrate scalp that may be irritated or dry. This potion must be applied directly to the scalp before and after braiding or before installing a protective style; and
  • Protect Me Edge Styling Pomade, a vitamin-infused styling pomade that looks to thicken and protect delicate edges, as well as prevent breaking and thinning. Designed to be used after a dew in or glue weave and during styling, this pomade can also be used to blend natural hair with extensions, wigs and weaves.

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Currently, Curls’ Hair Under There collection is available for purchase at