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Gillette Venus builds on just #SayPubic campaign with Princess Nokia

In addition to releasing the song “It’s Time to Care (For Your Pubic Hair) — featuring Princess Nokia,” the brand launched a Gentle Trimmer and Hair & Skin Softening Oil.

After initially launching its Pubic Hair and Skin collection in 2021 with the viral “The Pube Song,” Gillette Venus is building momentum back in its just #SayPubic campaign.

The beauty brand is continuing to destigmatize anatomical terms such as pubic with a follow-up to its viral song: “It’s Time to Care (For Your Pubic Hair) — featuring Princess Nokia.”

“We were thrilled to see so many people taking inspiration from ‘The Pube Song’ last year and feeling empowered to use anatomical terms to describe their bodies,” said Dana Malcolm, senior brand director. “However, we know that a year later there is still more work that needs to be done. It’s impossible to shift a societal norm that has been in place for centuries overnight! It’s why we’re excited to partner with Princess Nokia to launch the next chapter of this important campaign.”

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Venus for Pubic Hair & Skin Collection

In addition to debuting the song, Gillette is adding a Gentle Trimmer and Hair & Skin Softening Oil to the Pubic Hair & Skin line.

The Gentle Trimmer, which also includes the Skin-Smoothing Exfoliant, is designed to help protect pubic skin from hair tug and pull. It can be used in and out of the shower and has easy-rinse features, the company said.

“I love that Venus is using all means necessary to get people comfortable with saying pubic,” said Princess Nokia, co-writer and featured artist. “As a songwriter and rapper, I connect with my fans by helping them show up as their truest selves. For that reason, I’m excited to be working with Venus to advance this important message that gets more women comfortable talking about their bodies.”

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The Venus for Pubic Hair & Skin collection, which features pH-balanced products made without parabens, dyes, fragrances or silicones, is both dermatologist and gynecologist tested, the company said.

“When we launched this collection of products last year, we wanted to offer something for every woman and their own unique grooming routine,” said Stephanie Niezgoda Moss, R&D director. “Each product provides women with the right tool to achieve and maintain whatever level of hair they are most comfortable with. The Gentle Trimmer and the Skin-Softening Oil, the newest additions to the collection, were created in the spirit of just that — to give women even more choices when it comes to their pubic grooming routine.”

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