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Real Techniques expands makeup sponge portfolio


GURNEE, Ill. – Real Techniques by Sam and Nic is expanding its best-selling makeup sponge collection.

The brand is launching three new sponges for every step of the makeup application. Designed with YouTube beauty stars, Sam and Nic Chapman of Pixiwoo, the brand is now offering applicator options to cover the three “C’s” of make application: Cover, Correct, Color.   

The new expanded portfolio addresses the large demand for sponge applicators spreading through the makeup industry, the company says. While Real Techniques provides a variety of makeup brushes, tools and sets, premium sponges account for 34% of the applicator category. In fact, sales for the product are up over 600% year-over-year.

“As makeup artists, we’ve been using sponges for years, and now we are letting our fans in on our little secret to flawless application,” said Nic Chapman.

“Each of our sponges is named ‘miracle’ for a reason – this line is essential for flawless, beautiful results,” said Sam Chapman.

The miracle sponge line features unique foam technology that works with liquid, creams and powder makeup. Each product can be used damp for a dewy glow or dry for full coverage:

  • COVER: [Base] miracle complexion sponge: The original is now available in a value pack (Single $5.99, 2 Pack $10.99, 4 Pack $17.99)

  • CORRECT: [Eyes] mini miracle eraser sponges: The miniature sponges are intended to help with touchups in hard-to-reach or sensitive skin areas like under eyes and around the nose ($5.99)

  • COLOR: [Finish] miracle sculpting sponge: The all-in-one tool allows for one side to be used for a glowing highlight, the other for soft shadows ($5.99)

  • Miracle mega pack (6 miracle complexion sponges): The sponge set features all three sponges to create a blended airbrushed look from start to finish – including two miracle complexion sponges, three miracle mini erasers and one miracle sculpting sponge ($19.99)

The Bold Metals Collection, the brand’s luxury line of makeup brushes, is also releasing its first-ever sponge applicator. The miracle diamond sponge is a "900-carat" sponge that boasts 13 faceted sides to work with multiple products and colors on every area of the face. This serves as a multi-tasking and color correcting tool for more advanced makeup mavens ($10).

“Real Techniques’ sponges continue to drive consumer interest, and we anticipate continued growth in the coming year,” said Eva Oreskovich, vice president of global marketing at Paris Presents Incorporated, owner of the brand, Real Techniques. “Continued innovation drives this growth, with new colors, shapes, sizes, formats and capabilities emerging to meet consumer needs and advance industry trends.”

All of the new miracle sponge products hit shelves at retailers nationwide in 2017.


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