Baby Magic celebrates 65th anniversary with new ad campaign


COPPELL, Texas -- Legacy baby brand Baby Magic is celebrating a big milestone by putting the spotlight on dads.

While dads have often been portrayed as taking a backseat when it comes to parenting, studies and conventional wisdom show that today’s millennial dads are hands-on, involved and engaged in child rearing.  Together, millennial parents are embracing teamwork and striving to share caregiving responsibilities to provide the best upbringing for their little ones.

“In recent years, we’ve seen how the millennial dad is becoming an increasingly influential force in their children’s lives as well as an integral support to moms,” said Baby Magic Director of Marketing Laurie Enright. “As we celebrate 65 years of creating magic memories for parents around the world, we wanted to shine a light on outstanding dads everywhere who are changing the way society looks at fatherhood.”  

To celebrate the brand’s 65th anniversary, Baby Magic is revisiting one of their classic ad campaigns from the 1950’s. More than 60 years ago, Baby Magic debuted a revolutionary ad campaign known as “For Every Lady In Waiting.” The famous ads featured expectant mothers – a taboo image at the time – in chic maternity wear and were considered a courageous take on pregnancy and style. 

Fast forward to 2016, Baby Magic has now recreated the ads with a modern twist – new dads. Side-by-side with the original 1958 images and featuring four real-life dads-to-be, Baby Magic is thrilled to present their reimagined ad campaign called “Dads in the Making”. The new ads are a nod to the changing landscape in parenting, and feature dads from all walks of life:  a musician (Kirk Thurmond), skilled woodworker (Julian Pastrana), a mixologist (Kyle Hilla) and even the head of business development Asia Pacific for Baby Magic and other Naterra brands (Jon Song), and detail the major role each plays in their family’s lives.

For spotlighted musician and new dad, Kirk Thurmond, fatherhood is all about fostering creativity and cherishing imagination. “As a father, and recording artist, I want to give Ira the gift of experience! I feel like so much of our potential and creativity is often taught away as we grow and learn. I'm devoted to helping [new baby] Ira keep as much of his imagination as possible,” said Kirk. While discussing his wife and mother of his new bundle of joy, Kirk says “There are so many things I could say about [my wife] Bri and the way she cares for our boy. Mothers really do have amazing instincts when it comes to caring for a little creature that hardly knows how to be.”

Baby Magic believes that nothing brings parents together like shared experiences and teamwork. For 65 years, the brand has been creating magical baby smiles from one generation to another and bonds that last a lifetime between moms, dads and their beloved children. The brand is excited to continue in their legacy of providing products made with love and care that both mom and dad can feel proud to use on their children.

Baby Magic products are sold at retailers nationwide.

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